Notes of a one-legged girl

I want to share with you my strange feelings. The last couple of days, something strange has been happening to me. During my one-legged life it has only ever happened once before and so, it must have been an isolated case...

 I feel like I still have a left foot.


I feel like I still have a left foot.

 I do not know how to explain it.  I almost even fell over, just barely having the time to grab the wall.  My crutch was not in my hand and I tried to step with my left foot.🤦🏼‍♀️ My brain did this, but physically, (especially looking from my side) nothing happened, and I began to fall. 🆘  And here for the second day I can't shake this feeling of my left leg.  I still feel her presence! But how? Why?  Why did this suddenly appear now?  This is the first time I have had it constantly!  Will it pass? I  hate it. (I almost feel scared.  I have to constantly be more vigilant, so God forbid again not to fall into the abyss, a bottomless pit.) This is a new, unfamiliar sensation of a stump.  I understand nothing and I wonder if it's normal and if other amputees have had it.


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