Friends, welcome to my new website! The site has new features-registration and co-authorship in the blog. You can share your thoughts or any article by posting them on my blog! I'd be very interested..) Another point-now when you buy a video it can not be downloaded, you can always watch it online on my website by logging into your account. It will always be available for you there. This applies to the last few and my future videos. The rest of the older videos are available for download in my store. And still, - my blog will be in English. Unfortunately, my English is far from perfect, but I will try to convey to you the right words..)) If any of you have the ability and ability to help me with the translation of texts - write to me, I will be glad to use your help.

I hope you will not have difficulties with the use of the site, and if this happens, you immediately write to me about it! I will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Your Elena Amputee.


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