About Me


Hi, my name is Elena. I was born in Russia, in Ulyanovsk city. I live here now. As I was 12, doctors in connection with my disease had to amputate my left leg. Beforehand I was not prepared for the amputation, and even waking up after anesthesia I didn`t know and didn`t understand, that I lost my leg, until the doctor had told me about it. Feeling of the limb lost, but ... something changed. Later I get to know that this were phantom-limb pains. 
   To say the truth, I don`t remember strong emotional experiences in this regard. I remember the first time I stood on crutches, it was in the hospital after 4 months after surgery. Before I moved there in a wheelchair. Soon after I was discharged home, and my new life began. The Life of amputee. The first time, I often forget about the crutches and hopped on one leg at home. Later, I began to use only one crutch, because it seemed to me easier and more simple. Recently I tried Forearm Crutches. 
   In general, I continued to live my normal life with my already unusual appearance. But it was and is a happy and entertaining life. And what is most importantly - I accepted and got to like my new body! 
    Probably each girl dreamed to become a model, and I was no exception. Besides, I always took a great interest in photography and everything connected with it. And, of course, I particularly pleased that there are true connoisseur of amputee girls in the world. I think we supplement each other wonderfully, inspire each other and bring mutual bright note in our lives! 

 I`ll not hide – I have been dreaming of a prosthetic leg from the beginning, but after consultation with the specialist, I realized that isn`t easy to get the good prosthetic leg, so I had had to postpone my dream for a while. But it isn`t forgotten currently, and I would like to note that all funds received from the sale of photos and video will be used for implementation of my dream to get a good prosthetic leg. But I ask from you, please leave the purchased products by yourself and don`t distribute them to other sites or share sites. 

You can always send me your ideas and wishes, or just enjoy my work. I hope you will enjoy it! 

Your Elena.